2023 Southeast Asia Geopolitical Update

2023 Regional Geopolitical Update - Mon 1 May.

The 2023 landmark Regional Geopolitical Update adopts the original and timely theme of Crossroads, Lifelines, and Guardrails.

We tackle Southeast Asia’s geographical, historical, and socio-political condition as a crossroads for trans-regional flows of people, goods, beliefs and practices. We also unpack Southeast Asia’s current sense of standing at the crossroads of game-changing geopolitical transitions.

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SEAI Original Limited Video Series

Evelyn Goh and Emir Syailendra

The ANU Southeast Asia Institute offers the Limited Video Series, comprised of interviews with leading scholars and key decision-makers around the region. The aim is to educate and contribute to core debates about the changing Southeast Asian region. 

The series is in two parts:

  • Strategizing Southeast Asia - 'explainer' interviews with leading scholars and practitioners hosted and produced by Emir Syailendra. The series offers ways to understand strategy in Southeast Asia better.
  • Southeast Asianists - profile interviews with scholars and elites who have spent numerous years working and contributing to our understanding of Southeast Asia as a region.  

Contact us

Contact Us

Email: southeastasia.institute@anu.edu.au

For SEAI Seminar Series:
Dr. Wai Yeap (Nicholas) waiyeap.chan@anu.edu.au
or Assoc. Prof Bjoern Dressel bjoern.dressel@anu.edu.au

For the SEAI Limited Video Series:
Emir Syailendra emirza.syailendra@anu.edu.au

Address: H.C. Coombs Building #9, Fellows Rd, The Australian National University, Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia