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      Undergraduate study

      ANU offers a number of undergraduate degree programs within which the study of the Southeast Asian region, its nations and languages can be taken as a core component.

      Most ANU degree programs provide undergraduate students with the flexibility to take elective courses which could include Southeast Asia studies courses.

      Search “Southeast Asia” or your country of interest on ANU Programs and Courses to find more information on courses available.

      Graduate coursework

      Graduate coursework programs at the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific are all taught with reference to the Asia Pacific region and provide opportunities to study Southeast Asia.

      The region can be studied through the lens of the following disciplines:

      Graduate research

      If you interested in undertaking a high degree research program with a focus on Southeast Asia we encourage you to explore the graduate research section of the CAP website.

      We offer the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in the following areas of research:

      • Anthropology
      • Archaeology and natural history
      • Asia Pacific Security
      • Asian Studies
      • Democracy and Elections
      • Economics
      • Environment and Resource Management
      • Geopolitical Diplomacy
      • Gender, Cultural and Media Studies
      • History
      • Human Security
      • International Relations
      • Law and Society
      • Linguistics
      • National Security Policy
      • Pacific Studies
      • Political Science
      • Public Policy
      • Regulation
      • Strategic Studies

      Please visit the higher degree research pages on the various Colleges at ANU, for more information on the graduate research programs at ANU, and how to apply: