Geopolitical Update

2023 Southeast Asia Geopolitical Update

The 2023 Update will tackle Southeast Asia’s geographical, historical, and socio-political condition as a crossroads for trans-regional flows of people, goods, beliefs and practices. We also unpack Southeast Asia’s current sense of standing at the crossroads of game-changing geopolitical transitions. 

Global Lecture Series

Large fishing vessels at dock

The Global Lecture Series will illustrate how Southeast Asia is not simply a regional site of area studies knowledge production but also the site of development for influential or “travelling” knowledge that contributes to other disciplines. 



SEAI Seminar Series

Harau Valley Farmers, West Sumatra

The Research Seminar Series is a recurring series that showcases the work of scholars within ANU working on political, social and cultural issues in Southeast Asia, with the goal of encouraging greater exchange, collaboration and networking amongst the research community.